Pain Relief For Inflammation Suffers 

How To Free Yourself From Inflammation...  

Ocrober 11th, 2018

Is inflammation pain stopping you from enjoying life as much as you would like?

Chronic inflammation can lead to all sorts of seemingly unrelated problems including allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, colitis, dermatitis, sinusitis, arthritis, and any other health condition that ends in “itis.”

People around the world are Suffering from an Epidemic of Chronic Inflammation & Chronic Inflammatory Disease! Time to take a look closer look on how to prevent and treat inflammation.

We all want to feel good and live an active life. That is our natural state. The primary obstacle that gets in the way of feeling good is inflammation. The inflammation I am talking about is chronic low grade inflammation that mostly goes unnoticed until we wind up with a health problem. The symptoms may show up as joint pain, thyroid issues, stomach problems, heart disease, dental issues or even cancer. All these symptoms and more are rooted in inflammation. The primary cause of inflammation comes from our food. When we eat foods that are difficult to digest our gastrointestinal tract gets inflamed. The inflammation goes throughout our entire body including our organs and brain. In time this low-grade inflammation causes disease.

We can do some daily simple steps to reverse the inflammation and with that goes the pain and along comes energy,vitality and wanting to go out and do life again. 

 Being aware of the foods we eat, daily excercise and a good probiotic along with the healing properties of mangosteen.

I feel the need to share as my struggle with inflammation was hard to explain and even deal with and I know just how painful it can be. From headaches to arthritis I have dealt with the pain. . But the worse inflammation is from my gut inflammation, which happens when you eat or drink something that you might have a sensitivity to.( I'm allergic to almost everything ) I was causing irritation to my gut every time I eat, every day, all year – for years.– For me I was desperate, after numerous Dr's and years of tests I finally found the Core AO Yes, is loaded with mangosteen and so sharing with all of you as mangosteen is known for helping those with inflammation.

If you or someone you know deals with any type of inflammation please share this information and the page as it can help. Everyone deserves to enjoy life and not be in pain.  

MANGOSTEEN THE TRUEST SUPERFOOD This sweet tropical fruit boasts powerful antioxidants that help fight off oxidation, infections and viruses. It’s bursting with essential electrolytes, minerals and vitamins (including faves A and C), and it’s high in fiber and low in calories.

Mang0steen has the amazing Xanthones to fight inflammation.

 Dr Templeman has this to say about mangosteen and inflammation. 

 "The mangosteen so impressed me with its wide range of applications that I eventually replaced many medications with the supplement," said Dr. Templeman. He believes the mangosteen to be the most powerful botanical anti-inflammatory in existence. He is widely recognized for his work with mangosteen research. He is a published author with expertise in secondary research. Currently, he spends much of his time liaising with university researchers, helping them direct their research toward areas of concern in the medical spectrum.  

Dr. Templeman is familiar with most of the mangosteen products available in the marketplace. "I have looked at every product that has ever come out with mangosteen as the major element, and I had never been satisfied before that there was anything superior to what I had promoted and supported for years," he said. "My whole career I have followed the best mangosteen product available."

 Amazing Mangosteen Benefits 1. Fights Cancer Mangosteens have been the focus of many anticancer studies, and results have been very positive to date support their standing as cancer-fighting foods. The mangosteen fruit itself is said to contain at least 20 known xanthones, and the majority of those are found in the fruit wall or pericarp. Findings from research conducted in 2008 by the Gifu International Institute of Biotechnology in Japan showed that one xanthone from mangosteen in particular, known as alpha-Mangostin, was found to have a cancer-preventive effect on animal subjects. This study concluded that xanthones should be used as an agent for cancer prevention and as cancer treatment in combination with other therapies. 2. Combats Inflammation and Allergies Scientific research has shown that extracts of mangosteen have both anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties. One study specifically showed that these extracts worked better at inhibiting pro-allergy prostaglandin than an anti-allergy drug used in Japan. The extracts proved to be potent and successful inhibitors of the release of histamine and prostaglandin, which are both associated with inflammation in the human body as well as allergies. Alpha- and gamma-mangostins are two specific bioactive substances found in mangosteen that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. 3. Lowers Blood Sugar Mangosteen can be a helpful way to prevent and keep diabetes under control because it helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. It has been shown to act as an alpha-amylase inhibitor, which means that it inhibits enzymes that cause starches to break down into glucose A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that the fruit contains compounds that were found to be comparable to that of acarbose, a prescription drug used for type 2 diabetes symptoms. Mangosteen’s blood sugar-lowering ability is said to come from its tannic acid and even more so from its oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs). OPCs are naturally occurring plant metabolites that are widely available in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, flowers and bark. In addition to being good for blood sugar, OPCs are primarily known for their antioxidant activity. They’ve also been reported to demonstrate antibacterial, antiviral, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and vasodilatory actions. 4. Improves Acne Mangosteen has been shown to be an effective home remedy for acne. One study out of Thailand compared mangosteen to other plants and determined that it possessed the most significant antioxidant activity and reduced the production of reactive oxygen species, two factors that affect the growth of acne. Garcinia mangostana was not only highly effective at scavenging free radicals, but it was also able to suppress the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines that contribute to acne formation.  

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